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Our Approach Sets Us Apart

Being an independently owned company, we possess the agility and profound expertise to respond prompt and effectively to our client’s needs. We attract capable, driven, and talented individuals, nurture their growth, and acknowledge their accomplishments, guaranteeing our clients receive consistently outstanding service.

Our Leadership Team

Ionut Sandu


With a rich technical background and over two decades of dedicated experience in the claims industry, Ionut leads our team as the visionary CEO of Fortify Claims Assistance.

Graduating with an LLM from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Transports – Automotive Sector in 2001, Ionut embarked on a journey that has since shaped the landscape of claims management in Romania. Since joining the industry in 2004, Ionut Sandu has been an unwavering advocate for excellence and innovation.

He’s not just a CEO, he is a trusted expert and visionary leader, committed to making claims management and lost adjusting services smooth and efficient. Ionut continues to set new standards in the industry and provides you with the best-in-class service you deserve.

When you choose Fortify Claims Assistance, you’re choosing Ionut’s legacy of excellence, integrity, and unmatched dedication to the world of claims management.

Lucian Mucilenita


Our Chief Operating Officer, Lucian, began his journey at our company as an entry-level employee. Over the course of 15 years, through hard work and determination, he ascended to his current top-tier position.

He embarked on his career right here at our company, starting from the ground up. His remarkable journey is a reflection of his unwavering dedication.

As our COO, Lucian understands our company inside and out. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and is always looking for ways to improve. His story is a testament to his commitment and leadership.Lucian also has a strong interest in AI technology and actively explores ways to integrate it into our operations, making us a forward-thinking company on the cutting edge of innovation.

By choosing Fortify Claims Assistance, you’re in capable hands with Lucian leading the way, guaranteeing top-notch service and operational excellence.

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